Kairos Investments Buys 103-Unit One Manor Apartment in Glendale, Colorado

Colorado News

January 14, 2022

Located in Glendale, Colo., One Manor Apartments features 103 apartments, a swimming pool, and laundry facilities.

Glendale, Colo. Kairos Investment Management Company has acquired One Manor Apartments, an affordable multifunctional property located at 625 S. One St. in Glendale. The terms of the transaction were not released.

Built in 1974, Forest Manor features 103 apartments in a mix of single studios, 74 one-bedroom and 28 two-bedroom units with air conditioning, carpeted floors, and spacious wardrobes. The property was last renovated in 2001. Community amenities include a swimming pool and laundry facilities.

Kairos plans to renovate the property by implementing interior and exterior upgrades, including interior repairs and upgrades to units, new flooring for the interior hallways, exterior roof repairs, pool renovations and common area amenities.



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