New Food Delivery Platform Finds Funding, Eyes Expansion

As food delivery has taken off during the pandemic, different platforms are expanding.

Quote by Jonathan Needell  |

December 29, 2020

Jonathan Needell, president and chief investment officer of KIMC, is also among those who think ghost kitchens are here to stay

“I know a lot of restaurant owners,” Needell tells “These are people that have 100 locations and even more. We’ve done a lot of deals with tenants like that, and we know them really well.”

Other observers believe they may be a flash in the pan. Dan Rowe, founder and CEO of Fransmart, believes that ghost kitchens will likely follow the 80/20 rule. “Eighty percent will fail, and 20 percent will succeed — but only those that enlist a brand with a soul to join their facility,” he writes in Entrepreneur.  “There will be too many ghost kitchens — and too many without a reputation backing them — to make it.” 


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