Value Strategy

Kairos Value Strategy

Investment Approach

The Value Strategy seeks to make value-based investments on what we believe to be advantageous pricing terms resulting from market inefficiencies and dislocations in the current economy. The focus is on intrinsic real estate value that translates into what Kairos believes will be long-term cash flow and value enhancement.

Inception: 2020 (present); 2017, 2014 and 2011
Strategy Size: $100-$300 million target ($500 million cap)
Investment Type: Value-added / opportunistic real estate
Capital Structure: Flexible; senior debt through equity including preferred equity, joint venture equity, and mezzanine debt
Property Type: Diversified real estate; emphasis on class B multifamily
Region: Diversified U.S. exposure; emphasis on secondary markets and high growth markets
Investment Size: $5 million – $30 million per asset
Target Leverage: 65%
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Recognition is not indicative of future performance. The criteria on which the rating was based is as follows:

(1) The top performing funds league table is ranked by net IRR; and

(2) The most consistent top performing fund manager table is based on the average quartile ranking of a manager’s funds.

The entire pool of real estate funds is ranked within each vintage year according to its net IRR. The funds are given a score based on their quartile: 1 for top-quartile funds, 2 for second quartile funds, and so on. This is the fund’s ‘quartile ranking’. A manager’s average quartile ranking is the average of all of the funds’ quartile scores, with a minimum of three funds required in order to appear in the table. The average quartile rankings can vary from 1.00, for a fund manager with only top-quartile funds, to 4.00 for a fund manager with only bottom-quartile funds. Rankings are constructed independently using Preqin’s proprietary database of real estate funds. No fee was paid to be considered for this recognition.

Kairos Investment Management Company was ranked 35th in a universe of 234 private real estate firms (all vintages). The rankings are compiled for funds across all vintage years and only include funds that have called at least 50% of committed capital. The IRR is used as the key determinant of performance.

The recognized fund was ranked 8th in a universe of 974 vintage 2008-2017 private real estate funds. Only funds for which Preqin assigns a quartile ranking are eligible to be featured. Only active fund managers that raised at least three funds of a similar strategy and raised a similar strategy fund since 2010 are considered. To receive a top performers badge the firm/fund must appear in the Preqin Global Report. The report featured 20 top performing funds and 41 top performing managers.

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