Caroline Jacobs


Caroline Jacobs

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Caroline Jacobs joined Kairos in 2022 as a Receptionist and Administrative Assistant. Ms. Jacobs is responsible for all office and administrative duties related to the front desk at Kairos. She is responsible for handling all calls and queries, ensuring messages are passed to the pertinent employees, and managing meeting room availability. Ms. Jacobs records and maintains office expenses and sorts, distributes, and dispatches the mail daily. She is also responsible for coordinating internal and external events as needed. Ms. Jacobs is a professional who delivers exceptional customer service and enjoys working in the office.

Prior to joining Kairos, Ms. Jacobs had experience at several law firms where she specialized in the management of office operations and telecommunications. In her previous role with the business law firm of Jacobs & Dodds, she assisted with legal filing, administrative duties for the front desk, office management, as well as managing relationships with outside law firms and businesses.

Ms. Jacobs earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development from California State University, Long Beach.

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