The Best Location for a Ghost Kitchen is Not Where You Think

Once the pandemic subsidies, food halls make a lot of sense for ghost kitchens.

Quote by Jonathan Needell  |

December 9, 2020

There is some debate about ghost kitchens.

Some think they are mostly a product of the pandemic and have an uncertain future. To others, they’re the wave of the future. 

Technomic, a management consulting firm for the foodservice business, projects that sales from ghost kitchens will rise by a projected 25% each year for the next five years in the US, according to Restaurant Business Online. Eventually, they’ll hit an estimated $300 million in yearly sales.

In its “Post Pandemic Playbook,” Technomic sees an acceleration in ghost kitchens. “Today, nearly every restaurant is a ‘ghost kitchen’ that provides only off-premise product. As the industry resets, more companies may decide to eliminate the dining room altogether to capitalize on longer-term, off-premise trends,” it says in the report.


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