Kairos Targets Markets Similar to Glendale for Affordable Housing

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January 25, 2022

Kairos Investment Management Company (KIMC) recently acquired Forest Manor Apartments, a 103-unit affordable multifamily property in Glendale, CO. The price was undisclosed.

Forest Manor is near Cherry Creek and downtown Denver, and 40 minutes from the Denver International Airport. It is also in close proximity to the University of Denver and other top-rated schools.

“Kairos is constantly looking for markets similar to Glendale, where there is a strong demand for quality and expertly managed affordable housing communities. In these areas, which tend to be less efficient and competitive, we can apply our differentiating management strategies to provide what we believe to be much-needed and superior affordable housing,” says Carl Chang, CEO and founder of KIMC. “Identifying markets that have experienced significant population growth in the last several years yet have been unable to meet the need for affordable housing, enables us to acquire properties within these areas, and improve them and bring them up to market value. This is a win-win for all, as those seeking quality affordable housing can live in such communities while we look to maximize property value.”



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