Kairos Establishes New Office in Irvine, California: Why Make the Move?

By Jonathan Needell, President & Chief Investment Officer

July 27, 2023

Kairos recently made the move to a new headquarters location in Irvine, California.

Anyone who has experienced moving an office from point A to point B knows that the process involves diligent planning and patience. Plus, everyone—from staff to leadership—must be on the same page before, during, and in the immediate aftermath of such a move.

So, why did we decide to make this change? Several reasons:

Shorter Commute Times 

Driving in Southern California trafficespecially during rush houris no picnic. It can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Prior to making the decision regarding if and when to move, we looked at where our employees resided. The move ultimately means our corporate headquarters is much closer to where the majority of our workforce lives. Most of them can now benefit from shorter commute times compared to our previous Rancho Santa Margarita location. Rather than walking into work in a state of exhaustion and frustration, they’re energized and more eager to get to work.

Choosing Irvine as a more central Orange County location from our previous office in Rancho Santa Margarita also means that we are closer to many of our partners throughout the region, creating opportunities for more convenient inperson connection.

Intentional Office Design 

Our industry, and by extension, our company, thrives on collaboration. Our old office layout simply did not facilitate this.

Our workforce was spread across two floors, with conference rooms in the front.

The move to our new space in Irvine has meant one office, one floor. It also allowed us to add more common spaces throughout the office, rather than having a conference room tucked behind the reception area. The result is a highly collaborative layout supporting the highest degree of teamwork.

More Value-Add Amenities 

Our new location in Irvine is within walking distance of various amenities, including restaurants, shopping, and even green space. These tools are essential for encouraging employees to return to the office following the pandemic-caused office shutdowns.

Another great amenity is the Lifetime Fitness Center in our complex. This allows us to offer corporate memberships to our employees. Close to three-quarters of our workforce has already taken advantage of this feature.

This new office also provides an abundance of natural light. All of our employees work next to or near windows. In addition to providing enjoyable views, we all benefit from improved mental health and well-being, with natural light in office spaces has been shown to increase employee energy and productivity.

Forward-Thinking Philosophy 

Kairos is a performance-driven company with a forward-thinking mission. This is the case whether that forward-thinking focus is on investments or what’s best for our employees. When relocating our offices, we took the long view instead of the short-term, inconvenient one.

Setting up our employees for success in an amenity-rich, brightly lit, high-collaborative space helps generate new ideas and solutions. It allows for better decision-making. All of that ultimately provides benefits to our investors and partners.


For questions, contact investor relations at investorreporting@kimc.com or 949-800-8500.

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