Carl Chang Featured as One of LA Times’ 2023 DEIA Visionaries

Los Angeles Times

November 29, 2023

Carl Chang, founder and CEO of Kairos Investment Management Company, LLC, is a trailblazing force in the commercial real estate industry championing diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) as a fundamental pillar of Kairos’ culture and operations. He has built Kairos as an employee- and minority-owned business, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives. With a steadfast commitment to DEIA, he has cultivated a workforce that is 51% female and includes a significant representation of ethnic diversity.

Chang’s leadership is guided by the belief that diverse backgrounds and experiences are crucial to success, especially in neighborhoods and communities where Kairos operates. He ensures that Kairos not only manages properties but also understands and embraces the cultures and languages of these diverse neighborhoods. Under his guidance, Kairos actively participates in diversity and engagement programs, supporting various community organizations and fostering a culture of inclusion and celebration of diverse backgrounds.



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